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Adoption & Foster Care

Right now there are a half-million kids in foster care throughout America; less than five percent who will ever have permanency through adoption. Kids in foster care are just like any other child you know, but with one difference — they have all suffered trauma and loss through no fault of their own.  They have the same needs, dreams, and unique potential as all children, and seek the same opportunities that all kids equally deserve to build a bright and promising future — for their own well-being, and to be responsible and contributing members of their community. 



Adoption.com is your best resource for adoption information. Their photo and profile galleries showcase the personal stories of foster children. See compelling photographs, great profiles, and get every question answered. This online service provides the critical exposure needed to connect children and families.

Foster Care

Every year, a quarter of a million children come into foster care in this country. Many of them will be placed in group homes or other group residential settings because there are simply not enough foster families to care for all of the children.

Foster parents play a critical role in helping children heal. They show children stability and teach them life lessons that last a lifetime—and potentially affect future generations.

World Association for Children and Parents

Since 1976, WACAP has placed more than 10,000 children in loving adoptive families across the United States, and provided humanitarian aid to over 200,000 children worldwide. For more information on how you can help WACAP in its mission to help children in need of families, click the button below.