A Voice for Forgotten Children


Point Hope has renovated a large school building and turned it over to the Ghanian Public School system. Point Hope still a sponsor of the school and continues to help it grow. We have taken land that was once filled with trash and human waste, and turned it into vegetable gardens. The land that was once filled with trash and human waste. Now it provides nutritious lunches for the students and faculty. 

We  provide education for over 350 vulnerable children each day. We've provided scholarships to young adults wishing to further their education. Our plan is to build our own Point Hope school where a world-class education will be offered to orphans and the disabled children that we serve. 

In addition to educating children in West Africa, we invite students from around the world to come and volunteer with Point Hope, and in doing so, you will receive an education that will last a life time! You will you learn about the rich culture and history of the many peoples, tribes, villages and languages that make up West Africa, through different eyes, eyes that have been opened to a world of possibilities fueled by love.  Be a part of something wonderful and learn how you can impact the world in a powerful way!