A Voice for Forgotten Children


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Point Hope is a voice for forgotten children. On #GivingTuesday, this day set aside to think of and give to others, we invite you to join your voice and your generous gift to aid our efforts.


You may ask, who are these forgotten children...which child is forgotten, where are these forgotten children found? They are across the world, in your own local community and in remote villages... Teens and younger kids in foster care (underserved and greatly in need of a voice), orphans in refugee camps (the forgotten among the forsaken), children awaiting adoption yet left in the foster care system because there is no where else for them (over 100,000 U.S. children are awaiting a forever home), malnourished children who are born into vulnerable and broken families (seemingly hopeless situations), victims of human trafficking (voiceless children who are led to believe they have no choice)...

Point Hope is actively working to be a voice for and improve the lives of these forgetten children by advocating and bringing awareness and hope to U.S. children in foster care and vulnerable children Ghana, West Africa. These are children who have no one to speak for them, to stand next to them, to help them see their potential and understand they are intended to be much more than broken and discarded!

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