A Voice for Forgotten Children

Kraig T. Kitchin

Kraig T. Kitchin operates several businesses in partnership with top ranked and distinguished radio personalities.  He acts as co-President of Big Shoes Productions, Inc., a radio programming production company, owned by radio host, Delilah.  He is co-President of the talent management firm, Sound Mind, with a focused effort towards managing the businesses of high profile radio personalities.    The combination of responsibilities creates continuous opportunities to work with top ranked personalities and consumer brand and service companies choosing to work together.    For nine years—from 1998 through 2007—Kitchin was President / COO of Premiere Radio Networks, Inc., the number one radio network in the country that syndicates 90 radio programs and services to more than 4,600 radio affiliates, reaching 190 million listeners weekly.   He originally joined Premiere as one of six founding partners in 1987.