A Voice for Forgotten Children

Living Water

Water is necessary for every aspect of life. Living Water is the name of the program because this fresh, clean water brings life to the entire community! 

In the first 6 months of fresh water being available to the people living in the refugee camp, the mortality rate went down over 75%!  The local hospital was no longer over flowing with children dying from waterborne diseases! And it wasn't just the refugees that benefited, the decline in mortality applied to the entire region, not just the refugee camp! 



Pumping stations, bringing life....

We are hoping to be able to provide Living Water in other refugee camps and impoverished areas of Africa. Together with our board member Kevin McGovern, one of the world's top experts in clean water, we are hoping to save even more lives in the future. 

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Fresh water flowing ...

Fresh Water means abundant life. Ghana receives plenty of rainfall each year during the two rainy seasons, but the practice of water harvesting has been lost over the centuries. Point Hope endeavors to partner with other NGO's who are experts at harvesting rain water and installing water catchment systems. 

Not just for drinking...

Fresh water to drink, to bathe and brush teeth is something we usually take for granted each day. In some parts of the world it's not a given that fresh water will be available to drink and to enjoy each day, it's a luxury. Point Hope works to improve the lives of the vulnerable by providing Living Water sources.