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Ghana Africa

Point Hope purchased 40 acres of land about twenty miles west of Buduburam for erecting its Point Hope Village, a vision of a village that will function, in part, as a learning center where people can acquire skills. Half the land will be set aside for training people how to grow rice, a crop of increasing importance for the Ghanaian diet.



The Buduburam Liberian Refugee Settlement is situated about 44 km (27 miles) west of Accra, off the Accra-Winneba road in the Gomoa-East District, within the town of Buduburam. The settlement was originally a retreat center located on 140 acres, intended for use by approximately 400 persons. In 1999, the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) worked with the Ghanaian government to establish the settlement, bringing in tents and putting up a few other buildings, making space for approximately 5,000 refugees. In short order the refugee population approached an estimated 82,000. When Delilah and Point Hope arrived in 2004, the total population was estimated at 42,000 persons.



Point Hope believes all children deserve a safe, happy life. We have done a lot of work with refugee and impoverished children in West Africa, and we will continue to support that mission. Our goal, however, is to be the “Voice for Forgotten Children” and that includes the 463,000 American children in foster care here in the United States. Delilah, the founder of Point Hope, adopted three children out of the foster care system and they have a forever home, a forever family, with her.

We don’t anticipate that everyone will find adoption is the answer, but we are confident that time and caring is a response all can give!