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What is a "Teenista?" It is a celebration of LIFE! An affirmation of a young woman's worth! With almost 500,000 kids in foster care, most will age out of the system without a forever family. Less than 5% of girls in foster care will go on to attend and complete college. A "Teenista" is an all day event that celebrates young women in foster care. Girl's, 12-18 are invited for a day of pampering and empowering!


Girls in the foster care system have already lost a great deal...many have lost their belief that the world is a safe place. They have lost contact with their biological families, Most have lost hope. Few girls in foster care graduate high school, less than 10%, and fewer yet attend college. Point Hope shines a light on these precious young women and spends a day pampering, encouraging, mentoring and encouraging long term friendships. The ultimate goal? To help each girl realize she has GREAT WORTH! And that a good education can be the key that unlocks the door to a much brighter future!

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Be a Point of Hope for a girl who has lost hope...

If  you want to host a Teenista, please let us know! Be a "Point of Hope" and show girls in foster care just how much they are loved! We do complete make-overs, teach them basic make-up skills and take before and after photos to help them recognize how beautiful they are! Volunteers team up with these girls to mentor them and speak love and encouragement into a heart that has been assaulted or abandoned. 

It's easy to get started! 

Contact us and let us know that you are interested in hosting a Teenista! We have hosted many successfully and can send you a template to help you get started!

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