A Voice for Forgotten Children


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Creating a Sustainable Future

Point Hope has a small farm outside of what was for years the Buduburam refugee camp. It is home to organic gardens and a poultry house for up to 500 chickens or guinea fowl. We also have a snail farm, (a common protein source in West Africa) a fish farm for tilapia and cat fish and a delightful small goat herd. 


Healthy Animals

Ending hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth is our mission. We know that the best way to accomplish the kind of meaningful, lasting change we’re aiming for is by focusing on long-term, sustainable solutions in addition to temporary aid.

That’s why we have a focus on livestock, and continue to provide animals as an extremely effective and lasting method of fighting hunger.

Healthy Food Equals Healthy Children

A healthy child is eager to learn, and good health begins with fresh water and nutritious food. Typically NGO's purchase and import dried or dehydrated foods to care for those who are malnourished, Point Hope takes a holistic, organic, local approach to nutrition and it starts at our organic farm. We don't want to give a hand out, but a hand up. Parents and stake holders in food security are educated about organic farming practices and encouraged to get their hands in the dirt and see what the earth can produce!