A Voice for Forgotten Children
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Erin Haynes-Briggs

Office Manager and Domestic Programs Coodinator

Erin Haynes is the Officer Manager and Domestic Programs Coordinator for Point Hope, Inc., which involves managing all domestic programs, maintaining donor relations and handling administrative operations for the U.S. and Ghana as well as overseeing volunteers.  Erin came to Point Hope as a volunteer, herself, then began working full-time in 2010, at the same time earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Erin was a part of the team which created Points of Hope Chapters, available for anyone to establish if they want to be an active part of Point Hope, being a voice for forgotten children across the country.  She also was key to the development of the annual “Point Hope Teenista” event (which allows teenage foster girls to experience a special day focused on their incredible worth).

Erin has four extraordinarily darling children, two girls and two boys, who keep her very busy while she is also currently working toward a Master’s degree in Counseling.