A Voice for Forgotten Children

Point Hope

Health & Wellness Center

Precious and PH porridge

Malnourished and Unhealthy Children are looking to you....

In 2016, Point Hope has met the nutrition, health and education needs of over 300 children. With your help, we can build the Health and Wellness Center to benefit and improve the health of thousands of children and their families. We are determined to act, to be a voice and an advocate for these forgotten children. We are imploring you to join with us!

Brick by brick, with your help, we can build a place of health and hope. The cost of each brick ($2.00) represents the brick and water pipes which will be laid to complete the entire project, for instance:

·         $20 will purchase 10 bricks

·         $50 will purchase 25 bricks

·         $500 will purchase 250 bricks

Will you join us today in helping Point Hope reach its goal of gathering 50,000 bricks of HOPE to build the Center and bring fresh, flowing water to the town?  Your gift will directly impact the lives of vulnerable children.