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Beanies 4 Babies

When a premature baby is born in the US they are immediately taken care of in the NICU unit of hospitals equipped to care for these fragile infants. In developing nations and impoverished communities, there are rarely NICU units. Point Hope collects "Beanies for Babies", tiny hats that will help premies to maintain their body heat so they can hopefully survive. Hats are crochet or knit and Point Hope volunteers distribute them to hospitals and clinics in West Africa, Haiti and underserved hospitals in the US. 


Colorful caps save lives

If you would like to help Point Hope help premature and low-birth weight babies, then join us! Knit! Crochet or sew some beanies and send them to us at - Point Hope, Beanies 4 Babies, PO box 8623, Port Orchard, Wa 98366


Extra Yarn put to good use!

If you are a knitter or you love to crochet, you probably have balls of unused yard in your cupboards and drawers...put it to good use and create Beanies 4 Babies! Your unused yard can help to save a life!


Be creative while doing good! Hundreds of darling beanies have been distributed to under served hospitals in America and across the globe. Your stitch in time will save lives! 

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